Thursday, 15 July 2010

En Guete! Borscht(sch)

As promised, here is episode one of En Guete!, written by Dave.

The day after we moved into our new flat, Rachel went to investigate the market in town and returned with a profusion of vegetables, amongst them a large bundle of beetroots.

"We schould make borscht!", she said. Neither of us had had this infamously red stew before, so we went onto Google and used pretty much the first recipe we came across.

In German, borscht is spelled "Borschtsch" and pronounced a bit like the sound a parent makes when their meal of borscht is interrupted by their beloved daughter's declaration that she is unexpectedly pregnant with the stable-boy's child, causing a near-eruption of stew. This pronunciation made us refer to our dinner in an increasingly elaborate way, ending up at "Would you like some more borschtschtschtschchshchshhhhh, darling?"

Anyway, the recipe we were using included optional pork sausages, which we left out, and cream, for which we substituted vegan cream. We can't know if the result was authentic, but it was certainly delicious.

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