Tuesday, 27 July 2010

En Guete! Return of the beetroot

After the great success of our borscht, Dave and I were a little surprised to see quite how many beetroots we had left. We decided to make purple mashed potatoes with them. This was made easier by the rice cooker/steamer we got for Christmas (expect many of these posts to mention it. It is a marvel). We steamed potatoes, carrots and beetroot together, then I mashed them with some salt, pepper, and margarine. The different types of vegetables hadn't softened to the same degree, which gave a nice mix of creaminess and chunkiness. Dave made onion gravy and we had the mash with Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages.

The next day we had both fresh beetroot and beetroot mash left over and I started to despair a little. Neither of us had actually made bubble and squeak before (although I love my stepdad's version) but we steamed some cabbage and improvised. From subsequent looking at websites, it seems that my choice to make the mash into patties before frying it was quite a fancy one. Despite looking worryingly meatlike in the pan, they were good and had just enough of the crunchy outside.

Dave will be happy, because now I've written about these rather traditional meals he can write about what we did with the last of the beets...

Oh yes, and that white thing the plates are arranged on is our washing machine, which stood around for a while because the kitchen fittings were brand-new and strange. We eventually plumbed it in ourselves, with help from Ask MetaFilter, and felt mighty.

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